The lab is currently running several studies as part of a single major project: To understand the cognitive and emotional changes that occur following the onset of self-produced locomotion.  For most infants, this means when they start crawling.  Many parents report that their babies undergo a major transformation of personality when they start to move about on their own, and seem to  become different people.  At the Infant Studies Lab, we are working on understanding what is so special about starting to crawl.

We have found that crawling is a catalyst for psychological change: although perceptual-motor development must be critically involved in changes in personality, we do not assume that this transition necessarily starts with crawling, or that it is solely caused by perceptual-motor changes.

Listed below are three of the tests that we use to link locomotor experience to psychological development.  For video clips and more information on each study, please click on the following.

 Powered Mobility Device
 The Moving Room
 The Visual Cliff